Hi, I'm Isaiah Fliessbach!

The early years of my life were spent running wild through the mountains of northern California with my brothers. After buying 40 acres of land in the early 70's with their college friends, my mom and dad worked hard to create a life together. They built their house by hand, harvested water, grew their own food, and found their place in nature. While we had no electricity and very little money, we were supported by the ingenuity of our community, an abundance of love, beautiful clean rivers, and natural spirituality.

This idyllic vision fell apart when my parents chose a painful separation. As I grew closer to school age, they wanted to find the best educational opportunity for me, as well as to begin the next chapter of their own lives, so they moved to the small coastal town of Mendocino. My dad completed his Iyengar Yoga teaching certification and opened a family spa. We had Redwood hot tubs, Finnish style saunas, and a massage studio. He taught Yoga classes, as well as local and international yoga retreats throughout my youth.

Finding Myself

My natural upbringing strongly influenced my view of the world, and as I set out to claim my own life when I was 18, I quickly recognized the value in self development and realization through yoga, exercise, nutrition, natural and herbal medicines, bodywork and meditation. This became my passion and course of study throughout college and until this day. My self-created Bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University was titled “Body-Mind Healing and Development”. 

Looking back, I realized that I had already known the power of accessing healing through the body. I believe the influence of my parents provided me with what I needed to support others in their healing, through sharing what intuitively came through my heart and hands. 


Embodiment, not just concepts... 


As I dove deep into the study and practice of healing, it became clear that this transformation was much more the result of embodiment, than the adoption of concepts. 

Though my early years of awakening were enlightening, I was surprised to find that growing through my physical, mental, emotional and energetic limitations was a VERY uncomfortable and sometimes painful process. 

I woke up to the fact that the tension in my neck and shoulders, my back pain, my overthinking, frustration, fear, anxiety, self criticism and self judgment, all had something in common! The commonality was that these things I couldn't integrate in my life, were symptoms of my inability to process, integrate and be resilient to stress. 

I began to realize that my "problems", which seemed to be growing BIGGER by the day, all came from the same SOURCE. What it looked like was thinking too much, holding myself prisoner in my own body, choosing not to do anything about the pressure building under the surface of my relationships with my parents, partners, circumstances or with the unexplored and unexpressed expectations I had of myself.


I was operating at much less than my physical, mental, emotional and energetic potential because of how much tension and stress I had accumulated. I felt like I was standing in my own way and didn't know how to move... 

It wasn't until about 10 years ago when I met a man named Christopher Maher, that my search for answers came to an end. He was an ex-Navy Seal, a man on a mission. Someone with impressive levels of endurance and an equal ability to endure suffering. Christopher became a teacher and friend. He worked on my body, and helped me learn how to transmute and transform my blockages. His approach was developed largely through his own healing process. He needed to find a solution for his health issues and release the tension and stress that resulted from a lifetime of traumatic experiences. True Body Intelligence is the body of work that he developed through his healing process. 

I always knew that my work would be unorthodox, and lifelong.



With Christopher's guidance, I began to uncover my true Self once again. I felt aligned with my purpose and core intelligence, and rep by rep, I peeled each layer of tension away, and moved deeper into a state of self love and acceptance once again.

Once I learned the movements and positions in the True Body Intelligence system, I found that even though most were simple, staying present as I faced myself was so f**king uncomfortable! There was nothing easy about feeling the parts of myself I had been denying and blocking from surfacing for years. Using conscious resistance to unwind subconscious resistance, has proven to be the most difficult AND rewarding process I've ever experienced in my life. 

Most of the powerful and transformational things I've discovered have been simple. It did however, take masterful teachers, intense experiences, and consistent failures, for me to get out of my own way enough to accept and take action on what was right in front of, and more specifically, INSIDE of me. 

As I learned to open my body and regulate my breathing, the hard, stuck parts and identities, began to instantly dissolve. I allowed myself to let go of the emotional pain and suffering I'd been identified with, and experienced who I really was underneath all my conditioning.

I started to experience my body as the reservoir, conduit and battery for energy and intelligence. I had all the energy, ability and intuition needed to have what I wanted in life. I began to question whether I was interested in the concept and image of being healthy, or if I was actually committed to dismantling the blocks that stood in the way of me taking my health to the next level? It became clear that my ability to love and care for myself determined my level of health. 

I chose to take action and have been actively moving through resistance and limitation ever since. I've come to appreciate that there is no end, no pinnacle... only an ever-evolving development of relationship with Self and the world.

The process of aligning with my true Self continues to determine my ability to access and experience more happiness, health, strength and freedom in my body, life, and relationships! My commitment to refining and growing in myself, continually inspires me to support others to realize their greatness!

Are you ready to finally FREE yourself from the past?



Deeply Therapeutic 2hr Transformational Bodywork

Intelligently designed to create permanent change in the health of your muscles, fascia and connective tissues. Using specific protocols of concentric, isometric, and eccentric contractions we also achieve instant upgrades in your structural health.



This progressive 8-week series is personally designed to help you unwind and dismantle the stress and tension causing you to feel stuck in resistance.

Together we will confront and transform the beliefs, values and habits that keep you locked in dysfunctional stress patterns!



This online course is designed to give you the tools you need to erase your pain and manage your own health, strength and mobility for life.

Nothing is better than the empowerment that comes from feeling confident in your knowledge and abilities to free yourself from pain.


"Developing PRESENCE in today's world, is your lifeline. Being present provides DIRECT access to higher quality energy, health, inner strength and happiness."

- Isaiah Fliessbach 

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