detox energy ice bathing immunity Mar 08, 2020

Over 5 YEARS AGO I began my practice of ICE BATHING, it has improved my life significantly, resulting in: higher energy levels, greater ability to relax, reset my nervous system, extinguish inflammation and soothe my emotional reactivity, calm my mind, repair tissues... and beyond. It has basically provided a simple, direct and powerful way to create better overall balance in all the system of my body. When I step out of the ice bath, I am my best SELF... I am CENTERED, BRIGHT, AWAKE, GRATEFUL, PRESENT, and YOUTHFUL.

This video was taken as I was beginning my journey 5 years ago.


All I can say is I wish I had known about it decades before. I was well aware of the benefits of cold water in the ocean, rivers, mountain springs, but to be able to have access to 33 degree water outside my back door anytime I want, has been an incredible blessing. AND, it costs about 10 dollars per year to run this freezer. It is one of the best and least expensive tools to shift state and heal our psychology, physiology, and tune up emotional well being that I have ever experienced.


Cold plunging enhances peak performance, health and healing!
Benefits may include:
- Strengthens immune system
- powerfully stimulates internal musculature
- reduces inflammation/speeds recovery
- improves mood and energy levels
- boosts luteinizing hormone, thereby strengthening the
reproductive system of men and women, boosting sex drive
- catalyzes fat loss
- improves insulin sensitivity
- pumps the lymphatic system
- drains and fills the internal organs with new blood
- boosts and balances hormone levels
- Stimulates serotonin which supports happiness and greater
- stimulates autonomic nervous system which ramps up short
term healthy adrenaline release
- increases endorphin in similar fashion to pain and orgasm
- provides vascular massage... improves cardiovascular health
and blood circulation, pushing blood through capillaries, veins
and arteries, warming extremities, and flushing impurities from
- deepens breathing and oxygenation
- closes cuticle and improves hair shine
- improves complexion, reduces cellulite
- increases metabolism
- enhances longevity
- replaces stimulants like coffee if practiced for 1-5 mins daily
- decreases depression
- tightens and tones skin
- makes you feel completely Aaaaalllivvveee!!