inner health Mar 02, 2020
Isn’t it crazy… with all the struggles, challenges and pain that life has served up, and all the people I have known, that I am the ONE who has been the most hurtful, destructive, limiting, critical, judgmental, abusive, and abandoning of myself. In witnessing myself and working with clients over the past 20 years, it is crystal clear to me that we westerners are struggling to come to terms with this inner conflict in one way or another. In so many ways, we have been trained to drown, and we have chosen to accept the struggle. 
Many of us are stuck inside feeling shame and guilt, or fear of being worthy of support, because we have identified with not being enough. I see a pendulum..., either we are so identified with our pain that it is consuming every available breath, or we are avoiding full expression of who we are because liberation requires that we actually acknowledge and deeply feel our pain, shame, guilt and fear.  
Many of us feel that our trauma is somehow not enough. Whoa… What a f**ked situation, to know you are in hell but be unable to recognize your pain as real, as if you haven’t gone through enough external struggle therefore your pain, your addiction to stress, your suffering is not justified. 
Claiming this life as our own, requires that we face ourselves, an all the conditioning, stories and illusions that we're identified with. 
Integration, healing and wholeness is our birthright AND only requires that we honor ourselves. We are trained and entrained since birth to move away from honoring ourselves, so why would we think that we should just be able to flick switch and love ourselves, accept ourselves, appreciate ourselves for the incredibly beautiful and unlimited beings that we are? Beyond identity is a place where dark and light are the same, within the essence of each one of us is a core of an inseparable intelligence named LOVE.  
Today I have the courage to receive the support I need, I am awakening to the power of LOVE within all of me. I am opening my eyes to the truth of what I have done and am no longer willing to pretend that staying asleep is the solution.