catalyst healer innate natural Mar 08, 2020

ARE YOU A HEALER, HE ASKS? As much as my ego would love to take credit for the miraculous movement and integration that often happens in session with clients, I inform him that in fact, “I am NOT a healer.” You see, I believe his body heals his body. I believe his emotions integrate themselves. I believe with his permission and practice, his mind will unwind and resolve it’s own projections, and I believe his Spirit and Soul divinely orchestrate and timelessly witness all of these processes.

I am merely a reflection and catalyst, here to encourage and remind him that healing is his true nature. And as he becomes more intuitively aware of the power of this internal dynamic, miraculous shifts become available to him.

The reason I’m writing this today, is because I just finished a deep True Body Intelligence intensive and I’m ripe with the potent truth that my life path is to BE in service to this innate healing power. It appears to me, that most humans are in giving mode..., giving their attention, energy, and resources to the outside world. Unfortunately, the recipients are often unappreciative, disconnected or even oblivious in their relationship to this precious exchange.

I AM writing this to remind you to practice being AVAILABLE to your moment, to your energy, to your relationships, and to the potential of your life! Being still and attentive, heightens your INTUITION. This attention is necessary if you intend to move from suffering INTO healing.

A wise acquaintance recently said to me that “intuition is our future self talking to us." It sends us cues from our future in the same way we would approach talking to our inner child, in order to integrate our past locked down, fragmented energy, so it can once again create for us in the present moment.  

May this little reminder support you to be more trusting of your innate healing potential. May you recognize the power of your beliefs, practices, and approach in life. And may you honor your heart and body, as the true compass that they are in your journey to fulfillment and success on all levels of your life.