choice habits learning values Mar 08, 2020

MY HIGHEST VALUES ARE HEALTH, LEARNING AND LOVE. When I used to fall flat on my face, or have my world turned upside down, I had 3 habits that I chose to respond with:

1. Resist the change, see it as the problem

2. Crumble under the pressure, out of confusion, frustration or lack of belief in myself


3. Recognize that it wasn’t happening TO ME, it was happening FOR ME! And turn it into fuel for my growth

The process of facing myself thousands of times before the age of 30, in every conceivable variation of this choice, delivered me an epiphany… If I could choose to surrender into feeling my body, my breath, and being PRESENT amidst my perception of failure, disaster, or chaos, I found that not only could I LEARN, but I could also become HEALTHIER, and access greater experience and expression of LOVE, no matter the circumstance.

I am choosing to see every challenge in my life as an opportunity to develop myself through aligning with these core values. Through a combination of epiphany and practice, I went from understanding the power of practicing choice, to the consistent ability to EMBODY it. It became my baseline experience to which I could return to quickly anytime I got my ass kicked by life, or fell as a result of my own bad habits...

Today I stand GRATEFUL, satisfied in the journey I am on and who I am becoming. I feel so blessed to have found my work in life. And though I stumble at times, I know I’m on the path for me, in fact I am the one with machete in hand clearing space and deciding the direction and speed at which I move.

My journey has now become about YOU having clarity on, and access to, the core values that are most important to you. Does this resonate with you? If you're recognizing that establishing practices, awareness, ways of living and embodying your core values is important to your health, success, and happiness, I AM here for you my friend!