I've dedicated the last 20 years to learning how to meet people where they are, and supporting them to be healthier, happier, stronger and free from their past! 

True transformation is made REAL through EMBODIMENT. The work I'll do with you is comprised of ancient practices and modern biomechanics that allows you to integrate mental, emotional, and energetic parts of yourself that may have been disconnected and off-line for years or even decades... With the right physical practices, mental mindsets, emotional safety and rapport, and some energetic magic, you too can experience better health, more energy, self-esteem, confidence, inner strength and true happiness! 

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Transformational 1:1 Sessions
Health Mastery Coaching
Pain Free Toolbox
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Deeply Therapeutic 2hr Transformational Bodywork

  • Intelligently designed to create permanent change in the health of your muscles, fascia and connective tissues by walking on your legs and body.
  • Resistance stretching through full range of motion releases long held stress and tension and leads to incredible improvements in your flexibility, strength and structural health. 
  • Your body stores every experience, thought and emotion from your life. Freedom from your past begins here. 
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Signature 8 week coaching program.

This progressive series is personally designed to help you unwind the stress and tension that is causing you to feel stuck in resistance.

You will be able to finally confront your beliefs, values and habits that keep you locked in dysfunctional stress patterns.

This transformational series will introduce you to awareness, practices and protocols that will help you experience greater love for yourself, and happiness in your relationships. You will receive life changing keys to improving the state of your physical, psychological, and emotional health.

Through strengthening your intuitive compass, you will be inspired to move with intent and intelligence toward new levels of personal success and development.

I'm Ready to Master my Health & Energy!
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This online course is designed to support you to use the power and intelligence of resistance stretching to pull tension and stress out of your muscles, fascia, organs, and nervous system. The accumulation of these forces leads to pain and dysfunction in your body on many levels.

You will receive lifetime access to in-depth understanding of how this manifests in your body and specific detailed video instruction that you can utilize to get yourself out of pain, and live your best life!

-extremely effective tool for creating permanent change in your body, mind and energy

-lifetime video access to this course

-100% money back guarantee

Transform at Home!


Take advantage of this incredible and limited opportunity to speak live with me about what is blocking you and how we can work together to resolve it!

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